Rehabilitation & Therapy

Three different types of Rehabilitation Therapy are available at The HealthCare Center at West Meade Place:

  1. Physical Therapy improves the quality of life by promoting a patient's independence through a focus on regaining balance, good body mechanics, strength and mobility.
  2. Occupational Therapy assists patients by increasing his or her ability to perform the daily activities of normal living. Occupational therapists help residents perform their own self-care and home management tasks by teaching customized dressing, bathing, eating and energy conservation techniques.
  3. Speech Language Therapy helps patients regain function in the areas of swallowing, communication and cognition.

To meet the unique needs of our patients, The HealthCare Center at West Meade Place also offers a number of special therapy programs, including:

  1. Fall Prevention: Fall prevention strategies can help prevent bone fractures and other injuries. This program identifies patients who might be at risk for falls and uses the safest and most effective interventions possible to assist in preventing future falls.
  2. Restraint Reduction: Occasionally, the use of restrains may be necessary for the safety of a patient. This program promotes the use of the least restrictive device to achieve the highest level of functioning and safety for the patient.
  3. Contracture (stiff or restricted joints) Management: Patients may suffer from joints that are stiff or have restricted movement. This program helps prevent or treat issues that could impact a patientís joints.
  4. Screening Intervention: Our experts can evaluate patients, even those not currently in therapy, to determine if a patient could benefit from rehabilitation.
  5. Patient and Family Education and Home Assessments: Prior to a patientís departure, our rehabilitation experts can help educate both the patient and family members about ongoing rehabilitation techniques and assess the patientís living spaces to ensure areas are set up and safe for the patientís return home.